Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Paranoia and suspicion at all new levels as Neptune's Pride 2 launches into open beta.

"On the surface, Neptune's Pride 2 appears to be a simple online board game, but upon breaching the hull you’ll find yourself engrossed in a complex game of diplomacy and negotiation; of trust and betrayal. You can't win without allies, but as circumstances change, so do player loyalties. 

Neptune's Pride 2 is galactic conquest on the grand scale. It heralds a new generation of real-time web games with the elegance and social experience of a board game, but with all the benefits of a web game. Your Neptune’s Pride 2 games are always running, waiting for you to check in and command your empire, at any time of the day, from anywhere, and using any modern browser. 

Praise for the original Neptune's Pride: 
PC Gamer UK - “Web Game of the year!” 
Edge Magazine - “Runner up to Indie Game of the year!” 
Rock Paper Shotgun - “No game has had such an emotional impact...” 
Idle Thumbs Podcast - "Destroyer of Babies." 

Neptune's Pride 2 offers many new and improved features... 

1. The all new HTML5 interface means you can play from any web browser on any device - phones, tablets, desktops and even this year's new consoles (watch out Xbox One and PS4!).l 

2. The new turn-based mode will level the playing field for those who only want to check in once a day. Better yet, get your friends together and play a whole game in a single evening. 

3. An abundance of new options to customise means that even the most seasoned veterans will face interesting new challenges: 

Create Dark Galaxies and face the horrors of the unknown. Play almost blind, carefully scouting ahead to find your opponents. 

Build Warp Gates and launch your carriers into hyperspace at three times the speed of light. Take care not to let this powerful technology fall into enemy hands. 

Research 4 new technical fields and unlock miraculous advances that will set your empire apart . Choosing where to spend your vital research has never been more critical. 

Don't miss this opportunity to playtest the next generation of web games and help redefine how social games are played. Be one of the first to experience the power and the paranoia that comes with vying for control of the galaxy. 

Jump in a game right now and start plotting, scheming, and forging alliances. How will you conquer the galaxy?" 

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