Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Zenith Chronicles

What do you get when you cross a visual novel with a 2d arcade game (and add DRAGONS)?  Why, you get the Zenith Chronicles  of course!


Missions are where most of the action takes place! Each mission is an arcade-style shooter level. Goals range from destroying a certain number of monsters to protecting a building. Actions taken during missions can affect the story as well, such as killing or saving civilians. 

Dain's choices during the story and missions determines his companions' affection for him, as well as their destiny. Multiple plot branches and more than 7 endings let you enjoy the world of Zenith for several unique playthroughs! 


Intended for ages 15+ due to suggestive themes, mild adult language, and violence. 
  • Engaging story with three main paths and over 7 endings
  • Customize your characters with dozens of special abilities
  • Three difficulty settings ensure an enjoyable challenge for gaming novices and experts alike
  • Enjoy hours upon hours of arcade-style shooter fun through 40 missions
  • Mission select: Replay any missions you've completed whenever you want
  • Achievement system: Fulfill "Legends" to unlock tons of bonus content!

Recommended System Specs:

Windows 7/Vista/XP, OpenGL v.1.1+ capable video card with at least 64 MB of video memory, 1 GB of RAM, 200 MB free hard drive space, 800 x 600 or greater screen resolution, 1 GHz or faster processor 

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