Monday, 15 April 2013

The Apeiron Project

The Apeiron Project by Footprint Games is a first person surrealistic thriller-horror. You will explore three different main worlds which represent different times of Steven’s Life
  - The manor. This is the first one and represent Steven’s childhood.
  - The ruined city. This is the second level and represent Steven’s teenage. This level is also   the bigger one because you will be able to explore a full ruined city, a forest and a mysterious   town...
  - The lab. Nothing to say about this level -secret- ;)

Other features:
  - More than 10 nightmares to explore. A nightmare is a surrealistic world where Steven's deepest fears become real.
  - More than 100 lost memories to collect.
  - Huge worlds to explore
  - Variety of environment
  - Around 50 NPC to talk with
  - Variety of gameplay

In The Apeiron Project you will face with Steven's past, present and even his a world where time is nothing more than a word.  It's planned for PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, be sure to check out both the game's IndieGoGo Fundraiser Page and the Steam Greenlight Page.

The Apeiron Project Screenshots:

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