Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Intergalactic Domination Has Never Been So Much Fun

Bothell, WA -- April 8, 2013 -- With the growth of the handheld and tablet markets, interest has expanded in retro gaming as gamers are reliving their youth playing their favorite games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era re-imagined for a new generation. 

Bad Pug Games, has taken its inspiration from this era of gaming to bring back the intense game play experience of the classic 90s style turn-based science fiction strategy games found online that captivated gamers for so long, but bringing the genre into the modern age by adding a modern twist for the socially-connected gaming generation. 

Starpires is a vast multiplayer turn-based strategy game putting the player at the heart of building a galactic empire. The game involves players developing their empires through acquiring planets, building armies and then seeking out and engaging with other players attacking their forces, forming alliances and building your intergalactic power base. 

The game makes a wealth of resources available at the player's disposal throughout the game. Offering players a choice ten different planetary types for purchase (or obtainable through attacking enemy forces and hostile space pirates plaguing the galaxy), each contributing resources to the growth and development of your empire. Supporting this is a range of eight types of military units to build your armed forces to defend your empire and twelve assorted measures that can be used to send guerrilla forces to undermine the empires rules by other players. 

To enhance the game play further, over 40 purchasable "boosts" are available to enhance your empire during the game, increasing productivity of planets, defensive and offensive capabilities, combat performance against adversaries and even to purchase additional turns for players unable to wait for their daily allocation to replenish itself. 

The games strength lies in its social connectivity between players. The game takes place in one of a number of universes, each located on a separate game server. To ensure a balanced game, players are placed with those of equal abilities initially. During play, gamers can compare themselves to each other using the games extensive ranking system comparing scores, empire size, numbers of battles won and numerous other scoring systems and these can be compared within your own universe or with friends connected on Facebook also playing the game. 

As well as making comparisons with other players, interaction is key to making progress in the game. Successful attacks against other players will bolster your planetary empire, while forging alliances with others will enable players to sign treaties of non-aggression or even agree to support each other in times of attack. More significantly, Starpires allows players to communicate directly with each other through its in-game message system ensuring that allies can remain in constant contact. 

Starpires is aimed at new and experienced gamers and can be enjoyed equally by both. It can be played freely both online through any web browser, or through Facebook as an integrated app. The game is currently played by over 90,000 registered users on the browser version and it is listed as one of the top rated strategy game on Facebook with over 20,000 regular players. 

Starpires can be played for free online at http://www.starpires.com/ or on Facebook athttp://apps.facebook.com/starpires/ 

About Bad Pug Games 
Bad Pug Games is an independent game design studio out of Bothell, WA bringing depth of strategy back to casual gaming. 

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