Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fantastic release for MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

Toronto, Canada – 11/04/2013 Indie online RTS game Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars was successfully released on Steam earlier this month, with thousands of new players joining the game, looking for fantasy siege battles to fight and making the game world active day and night. 

The successful release of this 'greenlit' title demonstrates the importance of Steam's Greenlight project for indie developers and the power of the Steam player community that voted for the game. Success has also brought much needed revenue to small, indie developer Reverie World Studios, who have worked for years with very little funding. 

"The response on Steam has been overwhelming and we're excited to see so many players enjoying the game" stated Executive Producer Konstantin Fomenko. "It's time to give back to the player community supporting our indie title - with a free expansion pack and numerous planned weekly additions." 

Reverie World Studios has revealed players can soon expect to see alliances, magica and more towns to siege added to the game, as well as some changes based on player suggestions. In addition, work on a free full fledged expansion – Siegeworks – has resumed after being put on hold to work on the Steam release. 

To celebrate the successful release of Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, Reverie World Studios is extending it's epic sale on their website with an exclusive bonus offer for those who buy directly from the developer. 

Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is a persistent online RTS with MMO, RPG and city builder elements, set in a fantasy world where humans, elves, orcs, dwarves and dragons battle for supremacy. Players build up cities and armies, gather and trade resources, complete quests, unlock achievements and fight in co-op, PvP and PvE battles. 

Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is available on Steam, and other game portals, with language support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish. 

For more information and to stay up to date with the latest developments, visit the game's official homepage –,Steam page – or Steam group - 

About Reverie World Studios, INC. 
Reverie World Studios is a Toronto-based independent games developer drawing on a pool of talented people from around the world including industry veterans and ambitious newcomers alike. Reverie World Studios' motto “Indie games for gamers by gamers” highlights the studio's humble roots and commitment to working with it's fan community to produce an exceptional gaming experience. 

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