Thursday, 25 April 2013

Active Soccer - a VERY exciting multi-platform football game in development!

Hands up if the name Dino Dini is forever engraved in your skull?  Or if you get incredibly nostalgic when people talk about Kick Off / Kick Off 2 and Player Manager?

Thought so ... a veritable sea of virtual hands going up. Well, prepare to get excited!

Gianluca Troiano (AKA "The Fox" of "The Fox Software") was, back in the heyday of the 16-bit machines, World Kick Off 2 Champion on several occasions.    His freeware PC game Throw In, essentially a modern homage to KO2, is a great little game that stole a lot of my life a few years ago when I first discovered it.  However things are about to be taken to a whole new level...

After toying with our affections by promising a remake of Player Manager, Gianluca has gone one better - creating a multi-platform (iOS and Android at the moment, although check that your device is compatible because my slightly outdated Galaxy Ace can't run it) football game called Active Soccer, with which players can challenge each other independently of the platform they are running it on.

Here's what the developer says about Active Soccer:

"We are an indie studios that is producing Active Soccer a multi-platform football game that take inspiration by 90's classic games like Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2.  The game is a fast paced arcade game and it is the first online cross-platform football game ever!

Here are some features:

- Classic gameplay
- 360 degrees movements
- Total control of the game
- Exciting online multiplayer match
- Choose your preferred player and climb up the international ranking
- Compete in the world cup and try to prevail
- Draw the most effective tactic on the pitch and win
- Practice with free kicks and penalties
- 3D game engine
- iCade support (even on Android)

- Display retina support, iPhone5 4-inch display support.
- Soundtrack created by Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, Jim Power, The Great Giana Sisters, x-Out and many other titles)
- Extremely fun!

The game is available for iOS on Apple Store
and it is available for Android on Google Play Market
Soon will be release PC Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone 8, Playbook and BlackBerry 10 versions."

I am assured that a career mode is being worked on, though presumably after the initial porting to other platforms has been done.

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