Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why me? New experimental one-life game hits AppStore

Brno, Czech Republic -- March 21, 2013 -- Why me? - new experimental iOS game from two-man independent studio hits AppStore. Awaken as a prisoner in a cell player knows nothing but the fact he just won his one chance for the freedom. But there is a vicious game to be played first. Death is permanent. Player has only one life! 

Why me? is a new iOS game from indie game studio Running Pillow. It is an experimental game done in 7 days by two people where player plays as a prisoner locked in his cell. He will win his chance for a freedom but soon he will realize that there is a catch. He must run through dangerous corridors of space prison while being hunt by killing monster. The entire game is controlled just with taps or swipes. 

"This game is all about experience. It is not about save&load. It is not even about winning. It is about experience." said Martin Halamicek, chief programmer of Running Pillow. "You have got one life and that is it. This game really makes you feel the death. Unlike most of todays games." 

"Whilst the game is controlled by simple gestures everyone can perform, it is the adrenalin of one-life-permanent-death mechanics which makes the game truly hard-core experience." said Jan Halamicek, chief artist of Running Pillow. "It reminds us how adrenalin games can be." 

Why me? is now available on iTunes for FREE supporting ipad1 or better and iphone4 or better. 

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About Running Pillow 
Running Pillow is an independent game studio creating unique indie and casual games with innovative gameplay focusing on the final experience. 

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