Tuesday, 19 March 2013

H2FLOW: A Water Physics Puzzler Inside - Kickstarter Launched

Chicago, USA.  March 19th 2013.  Haptix Games Inc today announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund 'H2FLOW', a water physics puzzler targeted for release on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

Quick thinking and timing is put to the test as players help guide the flow of water through intricate and challenging levels.  Use bombs to blast through terrain, barriers to redirect the flow, and divert water along new brick paths!

Danger lurks everywhere! Landmines, spinning buzz saws, and electric shock mines are just a handful of enemies trying to stop you from freeing the flow!  Survive long enough to collect all the drops and free the land from the tyrannical grasps of the Evil Water Bottling Corporation!

"H2FLOW is a combination of all our favorite games old and new!  Challenging puzzles like Lemmings, destructible terrain like Worms, and lots of flowing water like Where's My Water," said Sebastian Procek, founder and CEO of Haptix Games Inc.

Navigate through themed levels and collect all the water by destroying terrain, blocking water paths, and creating new water paths using the tools in your tool belt: bombs, barriers, bricks, and other special abilities.  Purchase character upgrades to customize your character's look and behavior.  Evade and destroy enemies to beat the Evil Water Bottling Corporation at its own game!

"H2FLOW delivers the best gameplay mechanics from puzzle, action, and strategy games.  We have created a unique gaming experience that can be enjoyed by casual and hard core players alike," added Chris Misztur, co-founder and CTO of Haptix Games Inc.

The campaign went live today, with a minimum funding goal of $10,000.  The initial funding goal will ensure a timely release, while each additional stretch goal will help deliver 'H2FLOW' to a wider device selection and expand gameplay.

An exclusive 'H2FLOW' PC / MAC / LINUX demo awaits gamers athttp://www.haptixgames.com/kickstarter to give you a sneak preview of the exciting gameplay!

• Fun water physics
• Fully destructible terrain
• Addictive puzzle and action oriented gameplay
• Challenging puzzles with multiple solutions
• Customizable character
• Special character abilities like teleportation and speed boosts
• Themed levels

Visit the H2FLOW Kickstarter at : http://www.haptixgames.com/kickstarter
Subscribe to project updates : http://www.haptixgames.com/kickstarter-updates


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