Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Battle Camp Delayed for Major Improvements

Battle Camp to Open by May 8th, 2013.
Pack Your Monsters, It’s Almost Time for Battle Camp.

Battle Camp (http://battlecamp.pennypop.com/preview) will open for the United States by May 8th, 2013 for iOS. Battle Camp is the App Store’s first massively multiplayer Puzzle RPG. Built on top of a full-fledged virtual world, Battle Camp is a casual MMO that allows players to play with real people in real time. It is the first MMO designed from the ground-up to be a mobile game versus just being a PC game port, or worse, a website posing as an MMO.

Battle Camp is currently in Beta in select countries. While the company has received a lot of feedback that the game is good as-is, PennyPop is dedicated to releasing a truly great game. Therefore, the Battle Camp team will be taking extra time to iterate its game systems and build out features that the community has positively responded to.

XP-Based Progression: Battle Camp’s original progression was based on a linear badge system. Over time, however, the team has seen that this system doesn’t fully leverage the virtual world the game is built on. Therefore, Battle Camp’s game designers are working on a new progression that utilizes XP-based leveling to enable users to choose their quests, allowing for greater narrative and gameplay possibilities.

Persistent Raids: Troop raiding has been extremely successful in Battle Camp’s Beta. Therefore, the team is building a special environment for raids and tweaking the mechanics to include more strategy in boss fights. This will drive greater immersion and engagement from raiding.  

New Event Structures & Dynamic Quests: The team is working on new event types, as well as introducing Dynamic Quests into the game’s core progression. Dynamic Quests are time-sensitive quest chains that appear randomly throughout the world. Some of these will be individual missions and others will be group activities where players work together to accomplish a series of common objectives. The new events and Dynamic Quests will add another layer of life to Battle Camp’s unique virtual world.  

Trading: Users have been clamoring for trading. PennyPop’s game designers are hard at work devising a trading mechanic that will allow users to trade without opening the game to exploitation and hacking.

About PennyPop
PennyPop is the peanut butter and chocolate of mobile social games. Based in San Francisco, PennyPop is formed by pioneers of the mobile social games industry with experience building over 55 top 25 iOS apps that have been downloaded over 35 million times. Games include the first Mafia game to reach 10 million users, the first farming game to reach #1 in the App Store and the first social game to break top 5 grossing.

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