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Agawi’s B2B2C Platform Brings Top Indie PC Game Developers On Board to Reach Exponentially Growing Tablet Audience, With Zero Work for Devs

Agawi announces content partnerships with Daedalic Entertainment, Teotl Studios, NinjaBee and other indie PC developers to bring their games to Android tablets and tap into new revenue streams—no SDK needed

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 Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today Agawi is introducing its new indie game developer partners that are bringing their top PC titles to Agawi on Android in April, and later, to the iPad. With tablets drawing more and more of the gaming market—and 240 million new tablets expected to ship this year—Agawi lets PC developers bring their titles to a huge new audience with no additional work or rewriting code required. Joining Agawi’s platform to reach this sizable market requires zero effort for indie developers, with no SDK or upfront investments, and it offers the opportunity for developers to tap into a new stream of incremental revenue.

Indie developers like Teotl Studios are now joining Agawi’s platform to bring hit titles, including Teotl’s award-winning game Unmechanical, to millions of new devices. "When Unmechanical came out last year, we were amazed by all the positive feedback the game received from critics and fans,” said Sjoerd De Jong from Teotl Studios. “We’re excited to utilize the Agawi platform to bring Unmechanical to the Android tablet market in a fast and efficient way"
Agawi offers flexible revenue options for the developer, with a range of different prices and rental alternatives.
"As Daedalic continues to introduce its critically-acclaimed games series across new platforms and offer them through new distribution channels, we’re very happy to partner with Agawi, whose cloud gaming platform allows us to deliver our award-winning Deponia title to the millions of users of tablets" said Sergei Klimov, director of international business development at Daedalic Entertainment. "The availability of different rental models and the fact that we can set the prices on our own makes this partnership very interesting for independent studios like us, and we look forward to bringing more titles to this platform in the near future"

One of the most unique features of Agawi is that it doesn’t require developers to write any new code or do porting to make their games compatible with various platforms and devices, as would be required by a game engine.  

“As an indie developer, it’s really important for us to be thinking about where our games are going to reach a maximum audience,” said MiniBoss founder Pedro Medeiros. “Agawi is helping us reach players across platforms and devices. We’re proud to be a part of their platform launch and to see our title, Out There Somewhere, reach hundreds of millions of tablet users without any investment on our part.”

Bringing games to tablets via Agawi is an ideal way for PC developers to expand their business without making sacrifices. A recent survey of game developers attending the 2013 Game Developers Conference reported that nearly half of developers are still choosing to code specifically for PC. Agawi lets developers quickly jump onto new devices while continuing to develop for PC.

“Agawi’s new service is the perfect fit for NinjaBee, since it allows us to focus on what we do best: creating high quality games like A Kingdom for Keflings without having to worry about porting or rewriting any code,” said Andrew Hill, director of marketing and PR at NinjaBee. “Now, with Agawi, we can tap into new revenue steams and reach the rapidly growing tablet market with essentially no extra work. It’s really a win-win for developers.” 

This ease of distributing games, in addition to the speedy streaming and high quality graphics supported by Agawi partners NVIDIA and Marvell, makes Agawi the most accessible and seamless choice for PC developers looking to grow to new devices.

“Neko is proud to have Puddle on board for the launch of Agawi’s new cloud gaming service,” said Neko Entertainment business development manager Cedric Bache. “Agawi will deliver the same high quality gaming experience that gamers have on PC, Mac, Linux and consoles to tablets.”

“As a publisher focused on bringing a catalogue of independent games to the wider marketplace, KISS is always excited to find new, cost-effective ways to get our games into the hands of consumers,” said Darryl Still, founder of KingStill International Software Services. “The Agawi solution is an innovative and fresh approach to cloud gaming, with no work required on our part to get hit games like Darkout to our gamers on new devices. We are delighted to come on board as a launch partner.”

In addition to the developers above, Agawi has also teamed up with Or1go Games, developer of A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda; Plug In Digital with WRC 3; and Crankshaft Games with Party of Sin. 

“With these outstanding developers and publishers coming to Agawi, we are thrilled to give passionate game makers a flexible, capable and far-reaching platform to deliver diverse gaming experiences to players wherever they want to play,” said Agawi chairman Peter Relan. “We’re always looking for new great games and partners to join us.” 

Independent developers interested in bringing their games to new devices on Agawi should contact .

Agawi will be at the Independent Games Summit at GDC on March 25 and 26 and at booth 131 in the North Hall March 27-29, as well as co-hosting the Indie Games Summit Mixer on March 26 at 5:30pm. Agawi reps will be happy to speak with potential new partners at the conference as well as give demos.

About Agawi:
Agawi, focused on the mission of delivering "Any Game, Any Where, Instantly,” provides high-performance, scalable and cost-effective cloud gaming solutions through its state-of-the-art streaming technology for post-PC-era devices, such as tablets, TVs, and STBs.
The Agawi CloudPlayTM platform enables all genres of games, from casual to mid-core to hardcore, by leveraging an open, true cloud-based architecture easily deployed on any cloud service provider. Available for gaming publishers, network operators, OEMs and indie developers, Agawi CloudPlay supports multiple B2B business models.

Based in Menlo Park, CA, Agawi was founded by Silicon Valley veteran entrepreneurs and spun out of the YouWeb Incubator in 2010. It recently won a Best in Biz award for fastest-growing small company.

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