Friday, 22 February 2013

Starpires Space Strategy MMO, Reaches 50k Players

Seattle, WA -- February 19, 2012 -- Starpires ( a space-themed strategy MMO has reached 50k total signups, with 20k players active within the past month. 

A turn-based game, Starpires combines many elements of “old school” strategy games with social features to create an engaging game play experience that appeals to both hard-core and casual gamers. Players create their galactic empire, build military forces and do battle with each other through a variety of attacks and covert operations. 

Initially launched in August 2011, growth has recently surged due to increased promotion on Facebook. According to Bad Pug Games CEO, Matt Heaton, virtual good sales within the game have generated revenue per active player at the upper end of the spectrum for the industry. Player retention has been very good, with a large number of the original players still active. This is expected to improve as additional game instances are launched next month. 

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About Bad Pug Games Bad Pug Games is an independent game design studio based in Bothell, WA. 

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