Friday, 15 February 2013

Several VERY BRIEF game opinions

AirBuccaneers (don't need to say much about it as the game's title says it all really!) looks like a lot of fun but my current system is underpowered for it - similarly Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - an extremely polished platformer, but I can't play it at a decent FPS.  (Yes, sometime soon I will be getting a decent gaming PC!).  Grimind is an oddball, dark platformer with some interesting features.  The Banner Saga: Factions seems intriguing but I've not had too much time to check it out and to be honest have not really made head nor tail of it yet.  Bernie Needs Love is a homage to difficult 8-bit platformers and I have to admit, perhaps because I was never particularly fond of difficult 8-bit platformers even when I was a kid, this game really did nothing for me.  Sherbert Thieves: Moonshine Edition is a dual-stick shooter with a crazy sense of humour; seems like a lot of fun.

I'll hopefully be able to give you some more in-depth coverage of some or all of these games later on, but I'm afraid that's it for now!

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