Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Indie team behind acclaimed King's Quest and Quest for Glory remakes turns to Kickstarter for Mage's Initiation adventure/RPG

This morning Himalaya Studios launched a $65k crowd-funding campaign for Mage's Initiation, an adventure/RPG hybrid that combines old-school nostalgia with indie ingenuity.

The Game: An Old-School Adventure / RPG Hybrid
Sixteen-year-old D'arc has spent most of his life training in the elemental arts, in hopes of becoming a respected Mage of Iginor. Now he must prove himself by succeeding in three tasks around the perilous Iginor countryside. With the storytelling and puzzle solving of an adventure game and the customization and stat building of an RPG, Mage's Initiation is a unique hybrid that will be experienced differently by everyone who plays it.

Just to get your enthusiasm engaged (if it isn't already, I mean) - here are some early screenshots:

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