Wednesday, 13 February 2013

But to Paint a Universe - now available on Bigfish Games

But to Paint a Universe is a puzzle game for PC, with an interesting narrative and a intoxicating atmosphere, with beautiful levels, and a custom, piano-based soundtrack. This creates a charming and unique atmosphere, which combined with the varied and fun gameplay forms a casual, yet challenging game. 

The game contains an Adventure Mode, which takes you through 20 levels, each one different from the previous one, with a unique challenge, tied together by a narrative told through the environment. There's also a Time Attack mode. 

The game, by indie developer Mårten Jonsson, has been in production on and off for almost a year, was first released summer of 2012, and is now available through casual games giant Bigfish Games. 


About JMJ 
JMJ is Mårten Jonsson, an indie developer from Sweden. He has previously released games such as Star Sky and Melodia, with many more interesting projects in the future. 

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