Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Troll Song Demo Released

Troll Song - Verse One - Public Demo Released

Troll Song is an episodic freeware adventure game about - wait for it - Trolls.  But this isn't about dumb brutes who just smash everything in sight at the order of some Dark Lord or other - these trolls are a proud race with their own culture, their own surprisingly gentle way of life.  This way of life is now in grave danger from an unknown enemy... a troll called Clod is the key to saving his race, and also finding out where the race originally came from, why they're under attack, and reclaiming the heritage that was stolen from then.

Now is the time for the trolls to really sing!

Troll Song - by Tino Bensing and Dave Seaman, who previously teamed up for the freeware adventure game Unga Needs Mumba (released in 2012)

Released by: L.E.M. Studios
Story and game design (plus all voice acting in the demo) by Dave Seaman
Coding and graphics by Tino Bensing
Music by Thomas Schryver and Eric Galluzzo
Testing by Rob McManus, Phil Normand, "Selmiak" and "TheBitPriest"

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