Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ocean Media LLC invites casual and indie developers to help them promote their games

Zapresic, Croatia -- January 30, 2013 – Ocean Media introduces new initiative to help promoting games from indie and casual game developers for FREE. We’re in process of building robust PR and marketing infrastructure and can offer help the teams about their titles to reach wider audience. 

Ocean Media is experienced game developer and we know when it comes to promoting your game, it’s never an easy task. You’re developer who worked on your game for weeks and months and once you’re done, it’s quite exhausting to put extra energy and effort at that moment and give a push to your game so people even know it’s out there. 

We’ve been through all that and are aware how hard it is to promote your game on daily basis. We’re just one opportunity out there for you to promote the game you recently announced or released. Promotion via our channels won’t cost you a dime. We believe it will be paid in good will, and we’re happy with that. 

To promote your game please contact us over email, directly or over our web site or contact us over our Facebook page. 

About Ocean Media LLC 

Ocean Media is game development and publishing company from Zapresic, Croatia. Founded in 2006 by Vedran Klanac. Company develops and publishes video games for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii. 

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