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Shadow Remnants: a new indie RPG in production

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 2 August 2012

Indie game studio Shorebound Studios are currently working on a new RPG called Shadow Remnant.

Game description:

"Shadow Remnants is a turn-based tactical role-playing game for the PC. As you travel through the vast country of Avatia, you will battle against the tides of corruption to uncover an ancient power with a dreadful secret. Using the wide range of character classes at your disposal, assemble a band of followers to aid you in battle. Make your way to the very heart of corruption, crushing your foes with both magic and sheer physical might."

Game features:

  • 13 unique classes which become available through a tree-style unlock system to allow maximum player customization and a wide range of party compositions 
  • 2 skill trees for each class, allowing for control over a specific character's focus 
  • A crafting system that allows you to use raw materials obtained in battle to forge new gear 
  • Turn-based combat on vibrant 3d battlefields where character skills, gear, timing and positioning all affect the outcome of a fight. 
  • Online multiplayer where you can take your party head-to-head against other players and compete for rare crafting materials and rankings 
  • Epic boss battles which will require every ounce of skill and strategy that you have at your disposal 
  • Soul Fragments drop at random when an enemy is slain. After you collect a certain amount, you will learn a new spell from the soul. 
  • A new and challenging gameplay mechanic that allows the player to directly influence the effectiveness of your abilities and spells by timing a charge meter. The closer the meter is to the critical zone, the more powerful the attack.

Official Website
Kickstarter Campaign

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