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Tickle Dice released for PC

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tickle Dice is a new solitaire, dice-rolling, poker-hand-making card game from Purple Dog Games.
What's the game about?

Place cards in a 5 by 5 grid to earn dice per suit. Use those dice to battle your opponent. A unique card game with endless replayability. Yes it's casual, but there's a layer of strategy that's deceptively deep, and nicely addictive.


  • Solitaire meets poker meets dice. With suits. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to learn.
  • Arrange and re-arrange cards on a grid to make numbers go higher. Higher numbers are great.
  • An extensive tutorial and 9 campaigns to play through.
  • 60 opponents for you to battle against.
  • Beat your friends’ highest score in Challenge Mode.
  • Beat your own highest scores in Challenge Mode (for those without friends).
  • 10 fiendish puzzles to solve, in the cleverly named Puzzle Mode.
  • ‘Total one handed mouse only control’ ™ means multitasking at lunchtime just got easier.
  • It costs US$2.50. No need to wait for it to go on sale or to part of some bundle, 
  • Tickle Dice is available now for US$2.50 at www.purpledoggames/tickle-dice, as well asIndieCity and Indievania.  

Who is Purple Dog Games?

"It's me, Bjorn Morrison. I used to work for Auran, The Creative Assembly and Sega Studios Australia. I've been a QA monkey, Associate Producer, Scrum Master, Writer and Designer. Before all that, I wrote Digital Policy for the Australian federal government in Canberra, and also worked for Creative Commons Australia. I changed my name from Bjorn Bednarek to Bjorn Morrison when I got married, which screws up most internet searches and credits listings for me, but kept my wife much happier."

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