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Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 12 April 2012

With its latest additions, the online distribution portal Little Indie shows, that independent productions, high quality and deep gaming value can easily go together. 

Solar Struggle was originally developed for the X-Box and has been ported to the PC with extended visuals. This space shooter delivers an eleven mission long story arc, which is presented with fully voiced cut scenes and an original soundtrack. For instant action, the game features a skirmish mode with lots of different enemy types and thrilling boss battles. The game has been developed by a small team from dortmund, germany and was released for the PC first on Little Indie. This version is a fully adopted one, with 37 achievements, automatic updates and a minimal installation size by direct access to the local distribution caches. The game is available for only 6.95 € as an instant download.

For the more humorous game, the great Ballads of Reemus arrives at Little Indie. This classic point and click adventure follows the adventures of the exterminator Reemus and his best friend, the blue bear Liam on their quest to their own ballad. The game features 36 unique and fully voiced characters, almost 100 inventory items and a lot of locations. The game was developed by professional animator Jay Ziebarth and his team. The game will be available on Little Indie for only 6.95 € and is a DRM free release. The game runs without the client after the download and installation.

Solar Struggle:
Ballads of Reemus:

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