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Rhyme Crisis - a YouTube game

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rhyme Crisis is a new game by Deriq Neatche playable on Youtube (as long as you have annotations turned on).  In the game author's own words:

"It has a Sega CD/Laserdisc FMV game aesthetic and much like those games, it requires shooting important objects/enemies in a little amount of time; the twist is to only shoot objects that rhyme with the objects in the environment colored in green.  Each connected clip lasts about less than a minute in duration and is all about testing the player's rhyming ability in a short window of time (which also follows a story with *CAPSLOCKED HINTS located under the video descriptions).  This game shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time to get one of the endings, but take about 10 if you go through it again to find all the possible paths, and the true ending.  The main inspirations for this game were I SPY books, Time Crisis, Dr. Seuss, and Anthony Burch's review of Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger pack for the Wii.

^This is the URL that begins the game.  All the other videos are unlisted and all comments can be made after the end of the game when you click the SAVE option after the short credits to prevent spoilers in the stages comment sections. I hope you enjoy it when you get around to playing it; this project was made purely out of trying to display my game design and directing potential by utilizing the annotation system for more than just forced memes and prolonged minutes of terrible acting (common in most youtube interactive games).  I love PC and Video Games; this is my homage to them.  Hopefully I can learn programming and make even bigger ideas happen in the future."

I have to admit that personally, I struggle with this type of game.  However it's a fascinating way of using YouTube, and I admire the artistry that's gone into it.  If you think it sounds intriguing, give it a try!

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