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Press Release: 3D Racing Driven starts 1st CBT in FACEBOOK

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 27 April 2012

3D SNG Racing DRIVEN launches its Close Beta Service on Facebook
To be opened by the end of April……

Driven” the Web 3D Racing game developed and published by BAG Entertainment will have its 1st CBT service as a Facebook App Game.

DRIVEN is the first full 3D SNG Racing game available on Facebook.  Although DRIVEN’s platform is web browser based, it has high quality graphics that seemed real.

During CBT, it will allow testers to get a glimpse of Driven with its high quality racing tracks and customizable vehicles that would suit their playing style.

At the moment, DRVEN CBT service will focus on single play in the Facebook App Platform.  However, various social activities and multi-play features will be updated once CBT service has concluded.

Unlike other existing Online Racing Game Genre, Driven has a unique system called Challenge point system. A Challenge Point is required for players to enter each Racing Track available and
Challenge Point can be acquired via various methods within the game.

Driven also focuses on both Single Player and Multi Player features to suit various types of players who the Online Racing Game Genre.

 CBT Service of Driven will run for 1 week, focusing on tests on basic functions of Driven for high quality service in future and CBT Service will not have any limitation which means it is opened to every Facebook users to enjoy.

Available Features during CBT:

1) PIT Stop
PIT Stop is the first User Interface that the players will see when they have connected to the game.  From the PIT Stop, players can select or purchase vehicles to race. This is also the place where you can repair your damaged vehicles.

2) Vehicles
   There are 3 Basic Type of vehicles available during CBT service. From these 3 types, player can buy 3 variables of each 3 Basic Type vehicle. That’s a selection of 9 vehicles in total during CBT service that you can mix and match.

3) Racing Tracks
   Players need to select a Race Track to start the race.  Each Race Track consists of 3 types of difficulties:  Easy, Normal and Hard. 
   During the CBT service 3 Racing Tracks will be available. As any other feature, more Tracks will be updated once CBT service has been concluded.

Official Facebook DRIVEN URL :
Official Facebook DRIVEN Fan Page:
DRIVEN CBT Schedule : April 30th, 2012 ~ May 7th, 2012

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