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Linux Tycoon is now available for Windows!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 6 April 2012

Important information about the most important "Linux Distro Building Simulator Game" ever made (a claim that genuinely cannot be challenged until someone makes another one...):

It is now available for Windows.

That's right.  You can now simulate the experience of building your own Linux Distribution right from the comfort of Windows.

You could be working at Microsoft, right now, on the next version of Windows and thinking to yourself "This is great… but I really want the thrill of building and managing a Linux Distro!".  You are welcome.

The game in a nutshell:In Linux Tycoon you build and manage your own Linux Distro… without actually building or managing your own Linux Distro.  Basically take out the “work” and the “bug fixing” and the “programming” parts… and,
wham-o!, you’ve got Linux Tycoon.

Some quick tidbits:- Available for Linux and MacOS X… and now Windows!
- DRM free.
- Only costs $4.

More information :
Windows Version Announcement :

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