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How Tom Recovered Time HD! The Book based on game The Tiny Bang Story

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 5 April 2012

An illustrated, interactive book for the iPad by Colibri Games, an independent video game developer, is now out. How Tom Recovered Time HD is based on our popular game - The Tiny Bang Story. This book is written by Karin Afshar, children's author, and includes over 50 illustrated pages with a variety of minigames. Fun for the whole family! It is available in English, German, and Russian languages. Pricing of book is 0.99$, the first chapter is free. 

One day, while Tom is playing in the yard, Tom's ball accidentally flies into the attic of an abandoned house. Wishing to retrieve his ball, Tom finds a way into the house, makes his way into the attic… and his adventures in the imaginary world introduced in The Tiny Bang Story begin! 

The Tiny Bang Story HD is also available for iPad and Mac. 
Just for one week the price of The Tiny Bang Story will be $0,99 for iPad and Mac version. 

About The Tiny Bang Story: 
#1 TOP Paid Apps for iPad in UK & Russia and #1 Game in Japan 
BEST GAMES of 2011 by GameHouse 
TOP 100 BEST INDIE GAMES of 2011 by Indie DB. 
TOP 10 on Mac App Store in more countries, TOP 1 - in Japan, Russia, Taiwan. 

About writer: 
Karin Afshar is a German author of children's books. Published books are "Why mountain cows have long back legs and short front legs" (2009) and "Cornelius, the Butterfly Fish" (2010). Other stories have been translated into Croatian, Russian, Persian, Spanish and Turkish. 

How Tom Recovered Time - Colibri Games
The Tiny Bang Story HD - Colibri Games

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