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Here Comes Launchman Alpha Demo Now Available For Mac OS X

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 13 April 2012

Verona, NY -- April 13, 2012 -- Here Comes Launchman, which was first playable to the public as a featured indie game at Mojang AB's Minecon 2011 convention in Las Vegas, NV, had a publicly downloadable alpha demo for Windows and Linux computers released in February. Now players on Mac computers can get in on the action! The game follows the adventures of Launchman, an intergalactic explorer. The unique gameplay mechanics of Launchman allow players to launch themselves through the air like a rocket in any direction and manipulate objects telekinetically. 

The alpha demo contains a tutorial area as well as seven full levels from the game. The same demo remains available for Windows and Linux computers. 

The demo, videos, and screenshots are available at 

About The Layabouts 

The Layabouts are a creative media studio specializing in video games. Approaching the creative process with an enthusiast's perspective and a somewhat irreverent style, the Layabouts focus on producing fun and unique game titles for digital distribution, as well as other media such as comics and video. Here Comes Launchman will be The Layabouts' first commercial game product. 

About Here Comes Launchman 

You are Launchman, space explorer for hire! You've been commissioned to explore the mysterious Puzzle Planet, which is said to contain valuable treasure. With his robot assistant Sanford in tow, Launchman soars, ricochets, careens, and launches through obstacle courses filled with deadly traps and contraptions. The game is currently planned for release later in 2012. 

-Play with physics-based gameplay that puts a unique spin on the 2D sidescroller. 
-Launch through the air at rocket speeds and stop on a dime with your signature air-brake. 
-Use your telekinetic abilities to throw around objects, flip switches, and solve devious puzzles. 
-Play through loads of levels filled with neat contraptions and gameplay mechanics. 
-See its distinctive monochrome art style, and listen to its kickin' electronic soundtrack. 
-It's for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux! 

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