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GameSpy Technology, a division of IGN Entertainment, Inc., is proud to announce that development teams Primer Labs and Team2Bit have joined the current semester of the Indie Open House initiative to further develop their titles while working in a productive environment surrounded by like-minded indie teams.  Primer Labs is further developing Code Hero, an incredible title that teaches gamers how to make their own games while playing the game. By being part of the Indie Open House, the teams now have access to GameSpy Technology and IGN Entertainment's resources including free office space, technology, peer support and consultation.  GameSpy Technology is proud to offer the Indie Open House initiative, empowering talented indie developers with resources to help them realize their dream projects and bring them to fruition.

Primer Labs, led by founder Alex Peake, has been working on a unique first person "science shooter" aptly named Code Hero.  Players can use their code gun to manipulate code that affects the world, build structures and defeat enemies, effectively training those without any prior knowledge of Javascript.  For eager programmers wanting to learn, Code Hero is the perfect way to jumpstart your programming career using Unity 3D in an engaging and entertaining fashion. Even in the midst of production,Code Hero has already received accolades at the 2011 Maker Faire (Blue Ribbon) and the World Futurist 2011 (Top Inventions of 2011) conference, and the team has spoken at events like the Open Science Summit 2011, BIL 2009, the Foresight Nanotech Conference 2011 at Google, and Caltech's Humanity+. Code Hero will also be at PAX East in Boston this weekend in the Kickstarter Pavillion in Room 103.

You can check out the game at the Primer Labs website:

Team2Bit founders and brothers Matt and Jake Lewandowski are currently developing Fist Puncher, a retro-styled, side-scrolling beat 'em up with RPG elements and plenty of button mashing goodness.  You may recognize the Lewandowski brothers as the winners of IGN's 'The Next Game Boss' reality show with their charming game Washington's Wig.  To help Team2Bit with the development of Fist Puncher, you can check out their Kickstarter page

You can also check out their main website at

"Indie Open House has proven to be a great, supportive environment for talented indie developers to learn from each other while working on their dream projects," said Drew Curby, Senior Director, GameSpy Technology. "Working with developers like Primer Labs and Team2Bit has also helped us to better adapt our tools and services to the needs to today's multi-platform development needs."

Since 2010, the Indie Open House project has helped independent developers get their projects off the ground. The current group of indie teams includes Cryptic Sea, Wolfire, Interabang and Misfits Attic, as well as the new members, Primer Labs and Team2Bit. Indie Open House is strictly a support and residency program, meaning IGN maintains no interest in owning any content or binding participating teams to prohibitive contracts.

Misfits Attic will soon be entering their beta stage for their upcoming title, A Virus Named TOM, an infectious action-puzzler. The team is currently taking preorders for their title, and with each preorder, customers will have access to DRM-free downloads of their newest game beta for Windows PC.  Gamers can find more information and pre-order the title at the following URL:

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