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Santa Cruz, California- April 23rd, 2012 - For those sick of the barage of new videogame Kickstarter campaigns that have gone live since the Double Fine Adventure was funded, good news! The Fist Puncher Kickstarter campaign is ending this week, meaning two less game developers will be rattling their digital tin cups for your money and media coverage. 

Brothers Jake and Matt Lewandowski, AKA Team2Bit, are quick to point out the Fist Puncher campaign isn't quite over yet. Even though their $10,000 funding goal has been met, people can still pledge money to support the development of their old school beat 'em up until April 29th. The Kickstarter rewards range from copies of Fist Puncher to an appearance as a pixel art character in the game. For every $1000 over their original goal a fan inspired level will be added to Fist Puncher, the first being 'Hitler's Birthday Party' after it emerged the winner of a Facebook poll last week. "Who doesn't want to punch a Nazi?" Jake notes. 

Featured as the Kickstarter Project of the Day April 6th, Fist Puncher has stood out amongst the many worthy projects currently seeking funding on the site. Update videos have included everything from a humorous montage of fellow indie developers trashing the game to the brothers standing out in the rain to thank each supporter by name. "We know it takes faith for people to put their money towards what we're doing, so it seems right that we offer a personal acknowledgement," says Matt. 

About Team2Bit 

Team2Bit is an independent videogame development studio consisting of brothers Jake and Matt Lewandowski. The duo recently won ‘The Next Game Boss’, IGN’s reality television series that pitted teams of indie developers against each other with the ultimate goal of creating a fully playable game over the course of a week. The 'Washington's Wig Hot Beats Contest' allows aspiring game composers to submit music and remixes for the soundtrack of their winning game until the end of the month. 

The Fist Puncher Kickstarter can be found here: 

Additional information on Team2Bit and Fist Puncher is available at: 

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