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The Court Jester: An Exciting New 2.5D Sidescroller for Mac and PC

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 30 April 2012

Charlotte, North Carolina - Steel River Games LLC today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of The Court Jester, its first commercial indie game title for Mac OS X and Windows. The Court Jester is an action-packed, story-driven 2.5D sidescroller where players control Domitian, a disgruntled jester on a quest to become emperor. But when he meets some unfortunate setbacks, Domitian makes a deal with a fallen god who grants him powerful magic to destroy his enemies.

Domitian uses his newfound magical abilities to incinerate legions of imperial soldiers and fire-conjuring priests. His arsenal includes the Spade Shot, a projectile attack, and the Diamond Flame, which surrounds him and damages nearby foes. Domitian can also use his club to turn wounded foes into ghouls who will fight by his side for a set amount of time. Virtually every enemy encounter can yield a new ally for the player or replace the ghoul currently following Domitian.

The Court Jester also features an in-depth storyline woven into its levels with a dark, yet humorous tone. To reach his goal, Domitian must traverse a brutal world where allies stab you in the back, priests hurl fireballs from on high, and gods and emperors alike are savage killers.

* Over 20 levels spanning six diverse environments
* A story featuring quirky and memorable characters
* The ability to turn wounded foes into Ghouls who fight at your side
* An unlockable higher difficulty mode
* Unlockable boss rush, and survival modes

Pricing and Availability:
The Court Jester is currently on sale for $2.99 (USD) at Indievania.

From the trailer, it looks odd - but kind of fun!

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