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Catch the Airplanes on iOS devices

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 6 April 2012

Catch the Airplanes is a funny game that will keep you busy for many hours in front of your i-device! Your mission will be to destroy the largest number of airplanes that appear from the screen edges trying to survive as long as possible. The elaborate graphics allow you to choose your favorite background out of three: sky, lawn or sea.

There are three game modes you can select:

-MULTIPLAYER MODE: this game mode works only on iPad. Two players are playing at the same time. The first player will have to touch only the blue and the green airplanes, whereas the second player will have to touch the yellow and the red ones only. The winner is the player who destroys more airplanes within 90 seconds.

-SURVIVAL MODE: Your mission is to destroy all the airplanes that appear from the screen edges without missing any of them, otherwise you lose. You can chose the difficulty level between easy, medium and hard.

-TIMER MODE: In this game mode your mission is to destroy as many airplanes as possible within a certain time span (60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds)

Your score results will constantly be saved and updated in the main menu, and you can check them at any moment.
  • three completely different game modes
  • multiplayer mode: two players on one iPad (for iPad only)
  • continuous updating of the score results
  • real looking explosion of the airplane
  • realistic sound effects
  • funny soundtrack
  • fireworks at every new score
This is the first game by 15 year-old indie game developer Patrick Balestra.  From the trailer, the 2-player version on the iPad looks pretty mad!

Catch the Airplanes
Catch the Airplanes HD

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