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Announcing "To Be A Hero" a new RPG for the iPhone

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 28 April 2012

Coming soon - exciting new Role Playing Game for the iPhone called "To Be A Hero". Start off as a lowly peasent, killing zombies and slimes. Become a king by buying up towns and castles. Finally, turn into a rich and powerful Arch Magi or Paladin capable of battling powerful gods. 

Massive world made up of over 1 Million tiles! 
Over 20 unique job classes to upgrade through.
Challenging well thought out quests and puzzles. 
Appearance changes based on what you are wearing. 
Many different worlds to explore. 
Target specific parts of your enemy.
Acquire property and businesses to gain money. 

SteamTank Entertainment is made up of a small group of dedicated old school gamers. They got into this business because they were tired of the lack of innovation in mordern roleplaying games. Their goal is to create games geared towards hardcore gamers that are fun and innovative. They don't decide what's fun in a board meeting - they play and enhance their games until they find themselves addicted to them.

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