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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Android indie game review - Xonix Blast

Xonix Blast is an arcade game along the lines of Qix, where you have to clear a certain amount of the game by destroying sections of the “sea” by connecting borders together. You have enemies that destroy you if you touch them, so clearing the sea away isn't an easy task – each level has a slightly different design and the enemies are randomly placed each time, so the difficulty level for the same level can vary enormously. The demo version of the game has 32 levels, with a whopping 96 in the full game.

Xonix Blast: Playing the game  

The graphics are clean and effective, with some suitable sound effects and a simple music track. To be honest I didn't find the music in-game very good, but the music gets a lot better on the level completion screen. There are a wealth of different ways to earn points, which is summarised after each level. Once you have completed a level it becomes available to use as a start point so progressing through the game is a painless process, though the game is certainly challenging enough to take you some time to beat every level. There are a number of power-ups that can be obtained to make the game easier (although sometimes that doesn't always quite seem to be the effect – you have to use the power-ups in the right way!), and there's also a shop where they can be bought if you've collected enough money for them.

Xonix Blast: The upgrade shop

I would have liked the controls to be a bit more responsive, they felt slightly sluggish to me. This resulted in the game being based somewhat more on forward planning than fast reflexes (not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but I still would have liked more responsive controls). All in all though if you like arcade puzzle games and especially if you liked the original Xonix / Qix / any similar games (the one I remember most is an Atari ST game called Alien Blockade), you'll definitely enjoy it – especially if you tend towards a more thoughtful game rather than breakneck speed. This sort of game works quite nicely with the touchscreen controls, even with the slightly sluggish response.

Xonix Blast: the stats screen

You can get the game here and the demo can be downloaded here.

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