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Puffer Train Puzzle Games Travel Around The World

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kent, Washington - Shelly Data Doodles is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of Puffer's Train Challenge and Puffer's Train Challenge Lite, two innovative new family friendly games for the iPhone and iPod touch platform. Puffer's Train Challenge games present increasingly challenging train puzzles that can be solved using "Zen mode" - a kids friendly format with unlimited moves per puzzle or "Star mode" - an online competitive format where player's scores allow them to earn points, collect bonuses, and open additional levels for play. Advanced players tell us they, "Like to use these two modes together to help solve even the most complex train puzzle challenges!"

Fully localized in English, French, German and Spanish, Puffer's Train Challenge allows train lovers and puzzle fans around the world to share in the fun together. The game starts off simply, but soon players find they will:

* Arrange tracks
* Bridge rivers
* Tunnel through mountains
* Move stray cows
* Create railroad paths that allow their little locomotive to run

Puffer's Train Challenge is fully integrated with Apple's Game Center providing leaderboards and a full range of achievements to be earned and shared online with friends. Shelly Data Doodles also provides a free online Player's Forum where puzzlers and gamers from around the world can come together to share tips, tricks and puzzle solutions with one another.

"This new game release represents the first in what we hope becomes a long line of kid safe, family friendly games. It's our goal to build Applications that Make Life Fun!" said Daniel Shelly, founder of Shelly Data Doodles.

Device requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (as an iPhone App)
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* Size: Full Version 10.2 MB, Lite Version 9.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The Full version of Puffer's Train Challenge costs just $0.99 (USD). A Free version, Puffer's Train Challenge Lite, is also available. Both versions are currently available and can be found exclusively through the Apple App Store within the Games category.

Puffer's Train Challenge Lite - Daniel Shelly

Shelly Data Doodles is an independent mobile game development company with headquarters in Kent, WA. With its creation in February of 2011, Daniel Shelly, the founder of Shelly Data Doodles, now brings his many years of software development expertise to Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad platform. The mission of Shelly Data Doodles is to create family friendly Applications that Make Life Fun! As it celebrates the successful introduction of its first iOS game, Shelly Data Doodles sees an exciting future in mobile games development. 


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