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Looking for a distributor? Try indieVania!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 20 December 2011

This article was written by the team behind the game Water Galaxy.  The views presented here do not necessarily represent the views of  I'm more interested in showing the positive aspects of how indieVania help indie studios than bashing Steam - which as a games player I'm very fond of, but I've never had to deal with it as a games creator!

What You Need to Know about indieVania:

Let's say you have developed a great game, and you are ready to sell it. It is the greatest game of all time, so it must go on Steam and other high-profile platforms surely? Wrong!

I can say from experience that Steam bullies small indies. They fend off new indies. There are a few ways to get your game in Steam without being a high-profile developer:

-Seek a publisher, who takes a 50% share
-Make a very good game, and sell it for a low price, and let Steam takes a 50% share.
-Maybe your uncle or dad works at the Steam review committee

Ok, I might be a bit to negative about Steam, but the fact is that they aren't very nice.  So, for our game Water Galaxy we have decided to abandon big retailers all together and do something different. Selling the game on your website has it's advantages, but isn't really trusted or convenient.

Then we found indieVania let's us have 100% of the revenue, is easy to set up and rejects noone. It was created by alientrap, and nothing but honour to them. indieVania really supports small indies.

You do lose some attention by not being on steam, but the fact that you get 100% of the profit, means you can lower your price, and get more sales that way.

If you want to sell your game, you really should consider indieVania.

Note: We are not affiliated or getting paid to say this, we just like the site very much.


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