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Indie studio Duct Tape Games release 'The Wreckless'

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Wreckless
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 07/12/2011 – The Wreckless is a space fighter simulation designed by Dave Jenkinson, Jake Kelsey and Simon Hampshire of Duct Tape Games. The game can be purchased or a demo version directly downloaded from our site The game includes a 16 level, fully voiced campaign and a battle simulator allowing the player to create their own epic space battles. Players are able to customise their fighter/bomber selection depending on the level or personal preference or research conducted.

Play-testers have referred to the game as 'Old School' and harkens back to the simple space fighter simulations like Tie Fighter and Elite, but uses familiar WASD controls and some FPS conventions, no joystick required. From enemy AI fighters who know how to dogfight to epic space battles between huge capital ships, The Wreckless will challenge any player.

The Wreckless is built using the Unity Indie engine, with all assets created with free or open source software, and using royalty free sounds, it is an example of what is possible with the variety of free solutions offered to developers now.

The space fighter simulation has always been a crowd pleaser and The Wreckless is the latest action packed instalment built on the Unity engine. The Duct Tape Games team are all Games Design Graduates of Swinburne University with a wide variety of skills and experiences. Although The Wreckless is our first title released through Duct Tape Games, we are looking forward to many more economically priced games with spectacular game-play.

The Wreckless. Space Fighter Simulation will be released on 12th December on

Looking to move to other digital distribution platforms in the near future on Mac and PC, Windows 2000 or later; Mac OS X 10.4 or later.  Plays best at a minimum of 1024x768

Company history: Formed in 2011, the Duct Tape Games company plans on making as many fun and in-expensive titles as we can. The Wreckless is our first release of many.


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