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Indie game Mindout released - gaming with your brainwaves!!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Do you have a NeuroSky MindSet or MindWave? (Forget that... have you even heard of these devices?!?) Well, apparently they are game controllers that operate by reading your brianwaves, and convert these into signals that the games can interpret.

Still with me? Good. Now there's a new indie game out that uses these controllers, and it's called Mindout - created by indie dev team Dreams of Danu. It's available for PC and Mac, the game features a single player campaign with 30 levels and 3 levels designed for competitive online highscores.

If you actually own a NeuroSky MindSet or MindWave, then you can check out the playable demo.

Otherwise see the Mindout Website and Dreams of Danu's Website. and check out the trailer below.


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