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The Book of Unwritten Tales - Reduced Price

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 2 December 2011

King Art Games are having a special offer on their superb adventure game The Book of Unwritten Tales From December 1st to 24th the price of the game has been lowered by 20% ($23,99, 19,99€, 15,99£). IN ADDITION every buyer receives a gift-coupon of 20% discount to give away to a friend. If they want to give someone a treat, they can make them a present with the coupon. The coupon discount is added to the already discounted sale price.

My review of The Book of Unwritten Tales


Jonathon Wisnoski said...

Well that 40% off that coupon users will get is a pretty nice deal!

CaptainD said...

Indeed! And a very good adventure game too :-D

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