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Announcing Six, a New Fun, Friendly & Free Interactive Fiction Game

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sydney, Australia - December 7th 2011 - Greengum Games announces the release of Six, a fun, friendly and free Interactive Fiction adventure by Wade Clarke about six-year-old sisters playing hide and seek tip at their birthday party in the park. 

Six recently competed in the 2011 Interactive Fiction Competition where it placed 2nd out of 38 games and received much critical praise for its lively cast of human and animal NPCs. 

The game is released as freeware for Mac, PC and Linux systems and is now available to download from the Greengum Games website at 

Six seeks to appeal to gamers from any background, but is also a particularly suitable introduction to Interactive Fiction games for young gamers, young gamer plus parent teams, or for anyone who might not have tried a contemporary text-based adventure game before. The game comes with a hand-drawn map and illustrated PDF manual, offers advice during play, and sports sound effects, music and several in-game artworks. 

Six also features an unlockable player character, something common in action videogames but a rarity in the Interactive Fiction genre. "In an action game, playing a new character doesn't seem to make the whole gameworld change," says author Wade Clarke. "But when the game is delivered by text, you can rewrite the world through the new character's eyes, and that lets the player compare two people after living inside of each of them. In Six, those two people are a pair of little non-identical twin sisters." 

For additional information on Six, contact Wade Clarke or visit 

About Greengum Games 

Greengum Games is the new indie entertainment development arm of Sydney-based artist Wade Clarke. Its goal is to deliver fun, fresh, imaginative and novel games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. For further information visit 

About Wade Clarke 

In 2010 Wade released the well received Survival Horror Interactive Fiction title Leadlight for the Apple II. Leadlight was Wade's first major computer game project since the 8-bit era (even though it was still an 8-bit game). At Global Game Jam Sydney 2011 he shared the Most Innovative Game award with his team for the butterfly-effect-meets-Life sim game Impacts. Recently he produced the sound and music for the Flash action game formerly known as Xeno Slayer. Six is Wade's first Interactive Fiction title to be programmed in a contemporary language. Wade also produces and performs electronic music as Aeriae. Wade's homepage can be found at 


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