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Merge Games have signed the hugely successful iOs title Battle Group for PC exclusive global distribution. Battle Group thrusts you into modern day naval combat and puts you into the role of fleet commander. Deploy your warships and hunt down the international pirate menace that threatens the vital trade routes of the world.
About Bane Games
Bane Games are a small but experienced team of independent developers based in Brisbane, Australia. With roots in the main stream games industry,  the team has credits on titles including Destroy All HumansTM 2, FuryTM, Battlestar GalacticaTM, and the Need for SpeedTM series. Bane Games hopes to continue the successful production of high quality, fun titles for a variety of gaming platforms.
Alistair Doulin of Bane Games said "We are very excited to be working with Merge Games and we are happy to have 'Battle Group' join the growing range of quality titles from this innovative and professional publisher"
Bane Games Website:
About Merge Games
Merge Games opened for business in January 2010, and is rapidly establishing itself as an innovative and new breed of publisher of multi-platform games across PC, iPhone, iPad and Facebook Game genres. To date Merge Games have published PC Storm: Frontline Nations, PC Nuclear Dawn, PC Puzzler 2011 series , and forthcoming PC, iPad and iPhone Cooking School: Thai Kitchen.
Managing Director of Merge Games, Luke Keighran said “Merge Games’ look forward to a long term relationship with the talented team over at Bane Games”


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