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Starpoint Gemini Update Release

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 19 August 2011

A message from the guys at Little Green Men Games about Starpoint Gemini:

Just wanted to let you know we released a new update for Starpoint Gemini. It brings the game up to version v1012. Here's the fix list:

*implemented re-mastered voice-overs

*implemented preparations for DLC Gladiators

*fixed numerous glitches and bugs in scripts related to the main quest

*fixed several glitches and bugs related to main quest cutscenes

*fixed some glitches in in-game texts

*fixed various smaller issues

The key part is the preparation for the soon to be released free DLC „Gladiators“.

The patch can be downloaded from our server through this link:

It will also become available for download directly from our distributors in the following days.


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