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Space Madness - new sci-fi adventure game for PC

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Spreadcamp have just released Space Madness, an adventure game with comedic undertones and is set in a Sci-Fi theme. In the game you follow a yellow, rectangle shaped, Mutant that calls himself “Ed”. Ed is a product of the experiments of the mad scientist “Professor Marty”. Professor Marty is attempting to clone himself, but his experiments always fail and produce a mutant that gets discarded on a desert planet – just like Ed. On this desert planet Ed finds these other mutants, but that’s not all he finds. He finds out that the latest experiments from Professor Marty are endangering the entire Universe. So surely, he has to be stopped! It’s up to the player now to find a way to get back to the space ship and stop him.

It is a game fully in 2D with self-drawn animations and backgrounds. It is a short game of 2 - 4 hours, intended to be played by Newcomers to the Genre and Regular Adventure Players. It’s also great for anyone wanting to take a little bite out of an adventure when they are bored, without it dragging on too long. It is currently Windows only, but depending on the sales we may expand it to other platforms as well. The game was developed fully by me and I used Creative Commons Music to create a nice atmosphere. The Game is text-only and available in German and English Language for 9.95 US$.

Space Madness Launch Trailer:

Official Website


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