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The Game Bakers Reveal First Details of Upcoming Game SQUIDS

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Game Bakers Reveal First Details of Upcoming Game SQUIDS
Whimsical Underwater Epic Coming to iPhone in October; Other Platforms to Follow

PARIS - August 16, 2011 - Get ready to grab some tentacles! The Game Bakers, a new development studio founded by video game industry veterans, is revealing the first details of their upcoming underwater epic, SQUIDS. The game will release for iPhone / iPod Touch in October, with versions for iPad, Mac, PC, and Android following soon after.

In SQUIDS, players will command a small army of stretchy, springy sea creatures to protect an idyllic underwater kingdom from a sinister emerging threat. An infectious black ooze is spreading through the lush seascape, turning ordinary crustaceans into menacing monsters. Now a plucky team of Squids -- each with unique personalities, skills, and ability-boosting attire -- must defend their homeland and overturn the evil forces that jeopardize their aquatic utopia.

With its adventurous plot, whimsical cartoon artwork, and tactical RPG-inspired gameplay, SQUIDS combines old-school gaming sensibilities with the hands-on convenience of touch-enabled smart phones and tablets. Turn-based battles are fought with simple controls that allow players to stretch Squid heroes by the tentacles and fling them across the battlefield. Special moves, combo attacks, and customizable characters make for a dynamic playing experience that goes deeper than most mobile games. Plus the game's Retina Display optimized graphics, highlighted by breathtaking underwater environments and hilarious character animations, make SQUIDS one of the best-looking iPhone / iPod Touch games to date.

The Game Bakers was founded earlier this year by former Ubisoft employees whose credits include Splinter Cell Double Agent™, Tom Clancy's EndWar™, and other best-selling action games. SQUIDS was born of the team's desire to return to the playful fun of video gaming's earlier days. "Making SQUIDS has been like baking a cake," says The Game Bakers' creative director Emeric Thoa. "We took the best ingredients from our years of AAA console game development, especially in terms of depth, and we mixed those in with the best of iOS gaming. Then we layered a fun universe and characters on top. We've sneaked a bite of our cake and it tastes delicious -- we hope you like it too!"

SQUIDS will be shown to the press for the first time at this week's GamesCom convention. To learn more about SQUIDS or sign up for The Game Bakers' newsletter to receive development updates, visit

About The Game Bakers

The Game Bakers is an independent video game studio based in Paris and Montpellier, France. Founded and staffed by industry veterans whose credits include numerous AAA console games, The Game Bakers focuses on agile creative projects that combine traditional gaming values with the emerging opportunities afforded by touch devices and the exploding mobile market. Their upcoming first game, SQUIDS, will launch for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac in Q4 2011. To learn more, visit the company's website at The Game Bakers are also on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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