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Freely-available Online Toolset

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Videogames are becoming more and more costly to develop, making it increasingly difficult for small developers with big dreams to get a start in the industry.  Luckily, GameSpy Technology has been offering free and open access to their online services through their program GameSpy Open. We’re pleased to share with you the success of this indie developer-facing campaign: GameSpy Open has now signed up over 800 developers since the program launched on February 25!

GameSpy Technology allows developers to add extensive online functionality for their games across all platforms, including Android and iOS. GameSpy Open is the company’s initiative that lowers the bar of entry and allows developers of any size to access these services through a simple and free self-service portal, which can be found at

Top indie developers such as Halfbrick (Fruit Ninja), Warm Drum Studios (Chess: Revolution), Trendy Entertainment (Dungeon Defenders) and Trapdoor (Warp) are already taking full advantage of GameSpy’s services.  Within the span of five months, the roster of developers using GameSpy Technology has more than doubled in size, welcoming creative teams of all sizes and helping them to bring robust online features to their games to across multiple platforms with ease. You can find the official press release below:


Freely-available Online Toolset Now Being Utilized by Hundreds of Developers of Mobile, Console, Portable and PC Games

San Francisco – August 2, 2011 – GameSpy Technology, a leader in connected game services, has announced that more than 800 developers have now signed on to use the company’s freely-available online services to add extensive online functionality for games being created across all platforms, including Android and iOS.   The program, which opened to developers on February 25th, makes GameSpy Technology’s APIs easily accessible via an online self-service process.  Within the span of five months, the roster of developers using GameSpy Technology has more than doubled in size, welcoming such talented independent developers as Halfbrick, War Drum Studios, Trapdoor and many others.  The initiative is part of GameSpy Technology’s ongoing effort to help developers of all sizes integrate comprehensive online services into titles on all platforms.

“GameSpy Technology ‘s goal is to make it easy to integrate online connectivity to games. The GameSpy Open initiative has made our services even more easily attainable to all developers,” said Todd Northcutt, Vice President, GameSpy Technology. “We’re proud to see GameSpy Technology’s tools embraced by so many teams.  Developers who recognize the power of online features can now make their awesome games with less technical challenges between their vision and their execution.”

Among the slate of talented developers enrolled in the GameSpy Open program are creative independent development studios like Halfbrick, creator of critically-acclaimed and massively popular mobile games Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash; Trapdoor, developer of the upcoming multiplatform sci-fi stealth action game Warp; and War Drum Studios, who are creating the title Chess: Revolution for PC, PS3 and Android with full cross-platforming multiplayer.  For developers like Halfbrick, War Drum and Trapdoor, GameSpy Technology allows them to easily port online functionality to multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, PC and consoles.

“GameSpy gave us exactly what we needed to bring cross-platform matchmaking to Fruit Ninja, and the tools were easy to integrate into our existing code base,” said Shainiel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick. “Now that matchmaking is rolling out, we're looking forward to exploring several other ideas that GameSpy can help us achieve on global multi-platform scale.”

“We chose GameSpy Technology primarily because of its multi-platform nature, “said John Haynes, Lead Network Engineer of War Drum Studios. “By using GameSpy Technology we don't have to splinter our online community and everyone can play together with cross-platform friends, messaging, and game invites."

“When the subject of leaderboards came up, GameSpy Open stood out as a perfect solution that would merge seamlessly with our development pipeline,” said Ken Schachter, founder of Trapdoor. “The user-friendly tools and stellar support we received have allowed us to integrate leaderboards while still maintaining a tight production schedule.”

All of GameSpy Technology’s services are freely available to developers once they’ve signed up at, allowing them to integrate unique online functionality and data tracking into their games immediately. The cross-platform SDKs include open APIs for rich player data tracking that assist in gauging game performance and audience engagement, user-generated cloud storage content tools to enable actively-engaged communities to collaborate and extend the gameplay experience, social network integration, in-game and web-based commerce and multiplayer matchmaking services. GameSpy Technology’s services have been tested and proven at multiple levels of scale, from the popular cross-platform indie game Dungeon Defenders to the hit online console title Crysis 2.

Developers looking to explore the whole suite of GameSpy Technology services will have an opportunity to meet with the GameSpy Technology team face-to-face at several industry events throughout the summer and fall, including GameLoop in Boston, PAX Dev in Seattle, IndieCade in Los Angeles, and more. Developers can enroll in the open game development revolution at


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About GameSpy Technology
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