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The Fall of Gods - action RPG released for PC, coming soon to Xbox

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Fall of Gods is a classic Action-RPG. Around 10 hours long, it mixes adventure, combat, humor, side-quests, magic and riddles in a vast world called Ergia. Collect weapons, items, skills, accessories. Talk with dozens of Characters. Fight your enemies. Cast spells. Resolve hundreds of Riddles. Discover the plot between the Darkness and Gods and...of course.....Save the World!

Configuration (minimum)
Windows OS, Direct9.0c, 512mo RAM, 1.66Mhz
Game will also available on XBox (should be on XBLIG soon)

See the official website for more info and downloads.  The game costs $9.99.

The Fall of Gods Screenshots:


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