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-Brandon Lacasse CEO/COO/Creative Director of Digitalized Gamer Studios

We have an exciting new Tower Defense style game heading to market August 31st!  It's called WorldBreaker Tower Defense, and was developed by our 6 man indie team in Sterling, VA.

The Game: WorldBreaker TD features the classic game-play feel that some of the original TD mods in Warcraft III had which made them so popular.  Players familiar with the genre will have no trouble jumping right in.  It follows a light story-line about 5 descendants of a world creating god known as Doricious, who imparted each descendant with one of his 5 senses.  The descendant imparted with taste has been corrupted however, and starts to swarm the planet halting the others creation.  WorldBreaker TD picks up in the story-line here, as players fend off wave after wave of hungering enemies using unique towers such as the Wrecking Ball tower, and modifying stats with various researches.  When times get tough players can call upon one of the 4 un-corrupted leaders to aid.

WorldBreaker TD will arrive on PC/Mac through various distributors.  More information on specific distributors when we receive confirmations.  It will also head to Android / IPhone later this year.

Since we're an up and coming indie studio, we're reaching out for financial help via

*visit the iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store*


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