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Stones N Roses - an action filled shooting game on Facebook

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stones N Roses is a new Facebook game which you can find at

The player’s mission is to hit a chosen opponent with various weapons (Stones, Roses, Bullets,
Cellophane Flowers, etc) by varying the angle and speed of the weapon.  The player
• Gains Attack points by hitting the opponent with stones, bullets, eggs
• Gains Defence points by hitting the opponent with roses, cellophane flowers
This game has more fun and action elements like
• Auto-retaliation if the target is much stronger (strength being defined by number of Attack
points) than the player
• Opponent cloning themselves in higher levels. The clones would serve as obstacles.
• Players can trade their Defence points to gain Immunity
• Fun sound and animation when the opponent gets hit
It also has the following features: • Virtual Goods
• History of weapons thrown
• Achievements
• Leader-board
• Player can notify their friends about their achievements and activities via Facebook

Stones N Roses Screenshots:


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