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Show Me The Bundle: 5 Indie games for just $28.50

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Indie-owned and run games site ShowMeTheGames has launched the 'Show Me The Games Indie Bundle', which packages 5 high quality indie games for just $28.50, saving over $80.

The games are:
Gratuitous Space Battles (site)
Castle Vox (site)
Evochron Mercenary (site)
Fate of The World (site)
Smugglers IV. (site)

ALL of the money from sales of the bundle gets split between the developers. SMTG is owned by cliffski (Positech Games owner), so there are no third parties other than the payment processor (BMTMicro).

Show Me the Games Indie Bundle

ShowMeTheGames is an online database of high quality indie PC games that you can buy direct from the developer, featuring the best strategy, RPG, puzzle and action games. This is the first time SMTG developers have come together to offer their games in a bundle.

The bundle is a limited-time offer running until 12th June 2011 only! (Sunday)


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