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Multi-Award Winning Student Games Showcase

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dare to be Digital and BAFTA winning games design students are among those showcasing their work at the University of Wales, Newport's graduate show this month.
The show will offer the chance to play a selection of innovative, thoughtful and playful games, from the industry's top new talent. Building on the strengths of award winning alumni, showcased at E3, Develop and GameCity and finalists in Indie Game Challenge, this year's students are successful and keen, and have already formed two game development companies and been previewed in Edge magazine.

The grand opening is on Friday 17th June from 6-9pm at the City Centre campus, with tours of the show continuing until 1st July.

“This year has been incredibly exciting for the course, with our students producing very interesting and innovative work, and really getting involved in the industry – starting companies, releasing commercial games, getting into industry events and publications, as well as two teams from our second year going to Dare to be Digital this year. I am truly proud and privileged to be working with such exciting, talented and dedicated students.”
- Corrado Morgana, Programme Leader

For full information on opening times, location and the projects, please visit


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