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Lylian Episode One: Paranoid Friendship - Bundled in an Indie Six Pack

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 11 June 2011

Melbourne, Victoria, AU - June 11th 2011 - Independent studio Pixelpickle Games would like to bring your full attention to the Indie Games Summer Six Pack! 

Head on over to to purchase the pack for $10. Or click the Facebook Share button to get it for $5, and help us spread the word. 

The Product 
Pixelpickle Games has teamed up with Citeremis, Ovolo, Pieces Interactive, Ludosity and Different Pixel. To create an incredible six-pack bundle of creatively inspired and fun indie-games for your PC! Whether immersing yourself in the lush world of the Aztec for a RPG adventure, building ecologically-sound ‘green’ cities, re-building your damaged spaceship, testing your puzzle strategy skills on islands and distant galaxies, flexing your ability to manipulate a magical, colorful cube, or going on a straight-jacket adventure through a creepy children’s hospital—this DRM-free Indie-Games Summer Six-Pack bundle offers fantastic value for your summer gaming interests (or something to cosy up to in the cold days ahead for some of us ;) ). 
The deal ends on June 20th 2011. So start digging around the back of your couch for the spare change! 

About Pixelpickle Games 
Pixelpickle Games is an independent company focused on creating small yet fun and unusual games initially for the PC with an outlook to develop for multiple platforms. 
For more information, please visit . 


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