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A Long Way Home for Mac and iPad Lands in the App Store

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 16 June 2011

Boston, Massachusetts - You have been stranded 100 light years from Earth, can you survive the long way home? Indie Developer Jonathan Mulcahy is pleased to introduce A Long Way Home 1.0 for Mac and iPad. After a catastrophic ship explosion, you must make your way home 1 light year at a time. Encounter exploding asteroids, teleporting dark matter, comets and more on your epic journey home.

A Long Way Home is a action / physics / puzzle game set in space. Making you way through 100 levels across 10 stages you must jump from asteroid to asteroid collecting enough dark matter to open a portal to the next level. This is Jonathan's fist game to launch on both the iPad and Mac simultaneously.

"A Long Way Home has all the hallmarks for an indie sleeper hit" - Pocket Gamer

* 100 Levels
* Physics Style Gameplay
* Stunning Graphics
* Fantastic Ambient Music

System Requirements:
* Intel Mac
* Snow Leopard
* 60MB of space
* Compatible with iPad / iPad 2
* iOS 3.2 or newer
* 60MB of space

Pricing and Availability:
A Long Way Home is available now for the Mac and iPad through the Mac App Store for $1.99 (USD).  

Jonathan Mulcahy is an independent software developer living 30 minutes south of Boston, MA. Previously released games include Z is for Zombie, V is for Vortex and F is for Falling, all of which have been featured by Apple. When not developing iOS Games, he spends his time at home with his Wife and Daughter.


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