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Futile: Area 26 Trailer

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I received news of an in-production FPS - trailer and storyline below.  It's due out for demo release on the 25th of June 2011, and it's called 'Futile: Area 26'. It's set for a full  PC DVD-ROM release and digital download from a few sources including Steam around September 2011. It is a First Person Puzzler/Shooter featuring modern weaponry and realistic physics. It will initially be available for the PC and the developers, CyberLink Gaming, are looking to release it on Xbox 360 too. Using DX9 technology they have achieved a stable and robust gaming engine that utilises Pixel Shader 2/3 for increased shader effects.

Blade Harrison retired from the Secret Service some 25 years ago. Since taking retirement he has had itchy fingers not being able to fit back into the normal everyday routine. He received a call in Feb 2011 from one of his old leaders down at the Secret Service administration office (also known as 'The Farm'). In the call he was briefed that he would be needed for an undercover mission, however, the undercover mission is not as straight forward as first thought. Bridget O'Leary has suspicions of her colleagues in that something is being hidden from her and they are abusing their positions of power as leaders of the Secret Service.

You are returned to the farm, where there are 25 areas including Administration, Armoury, The Labs and much more. As far as everyone at the Secret Service is concerned you're because you are an 'elite' power force who can drive the teams (elements), however you and Bridget know this isn't why you're back. You are back to uncover what is 'secretly' going on within the other leaders of the service. A scenario is setup where you are found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and are sentenced to the exact prison which is based in the Secret Service HQ. There was a plan between you and Bridget for you to uncover these facts whilst inside the prison itself.

One night in the cell you receive the news Bridget is dead, she was found dead at her apartment. As far as everyone is now concerned you are actually a legit criminal in the prison, you're only hope is to escape. One of your former colleagues assists you in escaping and now it's over to you to uncover not just the conspiracy that lead to Bridget's death but also the conspiracy that is also known as 'Futile'. Area 26.


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