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Elite Command - What the Players Think

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 30 June 2011

Comments from a couple of regular players of Elite Command, the online turn-based strategy game:

"I'm a big fan of turn-based strategy games and enjoy the simple mechanics of Elite Command yet it still provides plenty of strategic challenge. Though the community is still small, there are some passionate players that play turns every day.

Not sure about a best moment but I do recall a worst moment. In a three player game between dris and ketoojin on a new 3-player map I had designed. I was discovering that I made it too small. Furthermore both dris and ketoojin decided to 100% focus on me. It was at that moment I realized there was no way to win and I was slowly beaten down. I didn't surrender though and make one of them lose the game by continuing to focus on me. Dris was the smarter player and pulled back while ketoojin continued to relentless attack me, all the while ignoring dris as he built up a large force. ketoojin finally eliminated me but within 2 rounds dris has stomped his forces and bases out.

Elite Command is so easy to just start up another game, play another turn. With email notifications you can play WAY too much. I try to limit myself to 6 or less games and restrict my time for turns so it doesn't intrude on other parts of my life. Been there and done the addicted gamer thing. Beware!! Elite Command is addictive and fun!"

by mghaught

"The best part about elite command is that it's strategically rich, but I don't have to spend a lot of time playing it at any one time like a lot of other strategy games. I'm super busy, and elite command gives me a way to play on my own time.

The best moment for me would definitely be finally beating dris. My first game, he just rolled over me, and when I was finally able to beat him, I felt pretty good about it.

Worst moment? I don't know -- every time I lose, I try to learn something that I can do better next time. Maybe the worst moment was when an update was released that caused planes ending the turn over an enemy base to be destroyed and at that moment I had a bunch of planes over some of my enemies' bases. I learned from that one too, though."

by arcanius

(In case you were wondering... Dris is the creator of the game.  Beating him is kind of a big deal! :-D)

My mini-review of Elite Command


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